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This is 1/2” disc type.
This is the most typical type and used for wide range application that is start from small amperage till Large amperage and Low temperature till High temperature. 


 Manual reset type is used for overheat protection and switch for start.
Type 05 never reverse without pressing button because of NGT original manual reset structure. 


This is used mainly for devices and applications around Kitchen and Boilers.
This is very suitable for electrical and gas boilers, Large freezer and refrigerator. 


This is used for Car seat heater, Heating mat, limited space equipment and so on.
SS1/B is able to use as PCB on board. 


Type 90T is thermistor sensor which have thermistor element is installed inside.
Type 63 is hermetic type 



We have Flat Mounting Cap, Pipe Mounting Cap, Screw Thread, Flange Mounting Cap and so on. 


 You can choose your terminal from 1/4”(6.35mm),  3/16”(4.75mm) Push-on Terminal,Welding tabs, Soldering  tabs, and so on. 


You can install thermostat that have combination of sensing cap and rotating bracket to flat plate or heating equipment by screw. 

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