Product Code

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Standard Type

Type Code 03 05 07 09 10 11 15 20 21 23 24 25 50
51 52 54 55 60 61 75 80 81 82 83 84 87
(It maight not be showed)
P:Phenol  C:Ceramic
E:Phenol・Polyester+EU Correspondance  T:Polyester
N:High Rating C:Middle Rating P:Low Rating
S:Silver Alloy H:High Temp type T:High temp & Low Rating
Switch Action
(It maight not be showed)
1:Contact Open on Temperature rise(We called A type)
2:Manual Reset Type
3:Contact Close on Temperature rise(We called B type)
Body material
(It maight not be showed)
5:Phenol・Polyester+EU Correspondance
Sending Cap Please see Sensing cap page 
Terminal Pelase see Terminal page
Mounting Please see Mounting page

Angle                      (It maight not be showed)

It shows the angle between terminal and Mounting

【Lead wire virsion】
It shows the angle between lead wire and pipe or fix Mounting

Lead length             (It maight not be showed)

It shows the lead length(The max lead length If it is different)
Only Lead length:  Same lead length with strip
Lead length and T:Lead wire with terminal or housing
Lead length and X:Other lead spec

Special                    (It maight not be showed)