Anti-Bribery and Ethical Conduct Policy

Nippon GT Corporation respects the spirit of compliance in any situation,

We also ensure that all executives and employees do not tolerate acts that violate internal rules.

Wherever we operate, we are committed to high ethical standards and to conducting business in an honest and ethical manner in all that we do.



1.Social contribution

  • We will harmonize corporate interests with those of society and actively fulfill our role as a good

    corporate citizen.

2.Compliance with laws and regulations

  • In business activities, we will comply with relevant laws and regulations and their agreed

    requirements, and make corporate compliance the basis. If we become aware of a violation, we will

    request a report from our officers and employees and respond appropriately.

    In addition, we will not treat the reporter disadvantageously for the reason of making the report.

3.Sound and fair trade

  • We recognize that ensuring fair and free competition is the basic rule of the market economy, conduct

    commercial activities, and maintain sound and transparent relationships with politics, administration,

    and related organizations.

4.International cooperation

  • As an international company, we will respect the customs and cultures of other countries, comply with   

    laws and regulations, strive to maintain peace and security, and contribute to mutual development.

5.Respect for human dignity and realization of a safe and                   comfortable working environment

  • In addition to ensuring a safe and comfortable working environment, with the management philosophy of "Creating happiness for all employees", we will ensure a safe and comfortable working environment, and with the management philosophy of "Creating happiness for all employees", We will realize a corporate culture where we can come up with ideas based on our own responsibility, take on challenges without fear of failure, and demonstrate creativity.

Quality・Environment Policy

I, as CEO, am committed to a company philosophy that fosters a positive, pleasant workplace for all employees, enhancing the experience for both employees and our customers around the world.   Our in-house managed Integrated System includes new part development, making dies, component assembly work,  through great communication from sales to production.

At every process, based on this slogan “provide superior customer satisfaction through an enhanced ,  high quality production system”,  I will try to aim to increase customer satisfaction, being environmentally friendly, and through further economic development of our company’s products.



1.Rapid Responce

  • sensing change of customer needs,  and responding with the utmost expedience

2.Aiming at better service through enhanced marketing

  • company will provide products which satisfy 100% of environmental law, customer’s need, other lawful regulations and will provide superior service to satisfy customer needs.

3.Optimizing, more efficient, involved management

  • improve all employee’s environmental awareness and participation in improving work activities for greater efficiency 
  • do PDCA from engineering/development, manufacturing to sales stage and manufacture/develop parts which contribute to decreasing environmental impact
  • collect customers’ /society’s opinions, analyze with achieving target conditions, and continuously improve product/ manufacturing processes
  • to improve all employee’s environmental awareness through environmental education/  activities and continuously improve good communication with customers/local community

Policy for Conflict Metals

Illegal mineral resources from dispute areas are environmental issues and at the same time, at the national level over their interests. It is the source of the struggle and induces local human rights issues.

While we know that situation, keeping such mineral resources as a result will lead to prolonged dispute, and we are helping to destroy the environment and human rights to people.

Under this awareness, we will respond to the procurement of metal materials (components containing metal).

  • Nippon GT will strive to avoid the use of materials based on the Democratic Republic of Congo and its

    surrounding countries.

  • Nippon GT asks suppliers for their understanding and cooperation regarding non-use of materials and components (tantalum, tin, tungsten, gold, cobalt, mica) that are mined from conflict areas. , we will continue to investigate the mining sources of metal materials.
  • Nippon GT uses Template RMI_CMRT and RMI_EMRT issued by RMI (Responsible Mineral Initiative, formerly CFSI) as research tools as a due diligence initiative. We will also inform our customers in this format.
  • Nippon GT will collect related information and review the content and progress of the measures to make them more effective in aim of the above objectives.

In order to achieve above targets, we have established Quality Environmental Management System under ISO14001.   Also, we regularly review ways to enhance procedures for minimizing environmental impact, and have established an annual “quality/environmental target”.


All employees need to understand/perceive “Quality / Environmental Policy”, “Quality/Environmental Target”. Furthermore, all employees need to contribute positively to  company’s progress and society’s prosperity by self-improvement,  achieving targets according to each department target.

I’ll declare that I own the final responsibility for Quality Environmental Management System.



1st February 2023

Nippon GT Corp.