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Managing Vision

Challenge&Share the Feeling

NIPPON GT is the one of the top manufacturers of bimetallic thermostats.

Our products are widely applied in household electrical goods, such as microwave ovens,  tumble (clothes) dryers, consumer housing-related products like water heaters and heating equipment,  commercial food storage products like vending machines, showcases, and commercial food warming equipment. Also widely utililized in automotive, medical equipment and communication devices to provide safety and comfort for people’s lives, as well as having varied uses in the aerospace industry.

NIPPON GT operates and excels on two fundamental policies :  [Own Technology] and [Integrated System]. Original developed products are a crystallized reflection of our technology. We produce all components in-house to completion without having to rely on outside production sources, which helps maintain our high standards of quality control. Our technology that we have developed over the years has acquired a high reliability reputation globally.

In 1981,NIPPON GT joined as a member of Saginomiya group. We innovated their technology and know-how, application range is spreading more and more.

[Meeting challenges and sharing the inspiration!]

Saginomiya has made [Creation of Happiness for All Employees and All People] a managerial philosophy, and  values individual employee excellence. NIPPON GT also take from this philosophy, "self-initiative/self-governance," we have fostered in each individual responsibility for their own ideas and a spirit of challenge that does not fear failure.

The joy of [meeting challenges and sharing the inspiration] is born when one exert one’s own abilities within this kind of cultural environment. This philosophy has created many high quality products.

Now in the 21st century, expectations for control technology of NIPPON GT is expected to grow more and more.


President/CEO  Toru Takano


Coporate Philosophy

Creation of Happiness for All Employees and All People

This corporate philosophy is to "Creation of happiness for all employees and all people." In other words, we think "Company should be the place where people find their happiness. and all the management focus should be based on that idea," and it describes the founding spirit.

You cannot have true happiness alone. Comfort of being loved and accepted by others is the real happiness. To create happiness for yourself should come together with making others happy.

「When alone,care yourself.

When with others, care for others.」
― Always act for somebody else ―

We know the mind of pursuing happiness for yourself would start from an employee's happiness, and it carries on to all other employees, then to the society.