Questions about Products

What is the bimetal thermostat?
Bimetal will snap when detecting temperature by Sensing surface reach the opeartion temperature.By this move, a ceramic pin pushes a switch. It makes a contact point open and cloese. This is how Bimetal thermostat works.
What is the Bimetal?
Bimetal refers to layer of a two different metal.This metal having a bonding by thermal expansion.  
How many years the thermostat can use?
 Our products life time is depending on switching cycle and this switching sycle is depend on product type and customer usage.
Do you have any Precautionary statement for use the products?
Yes we have, please see our information.
Precautionary statement for use NGT thermostat.

 I would like to test your products before mass production.
We may supply samples for you. Please feel free to contact us.
Do you have any approval like UL, VDE?
Yes, our products have approval. Please kindly see our approval chart.
>Please kindly check it
Does your products are satisfied with RoHS?
What does GT mean?
It is mean Get Tomorrow

Questions about Purchase

I would like to buy the thermostat, what should we do?

Thank you so much for chooing our products. Please let us know your reqeusted spec and your information. It is more easy to contact us if you can fill in our inquiry sheet.Please feel free to call or send the email via inquiry form.

Do you have any stock?
No. Our products are built in order. We do not have any stock but our minimum order quantity is 10pcs.
Can I buy your products from the Internet?
No. Our products does not sell by internet. However it might be possible to get our products from the internet. If you buy this, we do not have any responsibility for this products.
Do you have any agent in the world?
We do not have any contracted agent but we have distributor all over the world. Please kindly contact us if you want to know our distributor. We will inform you depend on your country.
My equipment are broken, I would like change the thermostat for fix this. Can I buy your products?
No, sorry. If your equipment are broken, please contact the equipment manufacture.
How long I can get your products?
The lead time is depend on what you need and how many quantity do you needed. Please feel free to contact us if you want to know the lead time.

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