• 自動復帰型

    Automatic Reset Type

  • 手動復帰型

    Manual Reset Type

  • 防水・防滴型

    Water&Splash Proof Type

  • 大容量型

    Special Type

  • 薄型

    Thin Type


  • 形式の成り立ち

    Product Code

  • ラクラクサーモ選び

    Thermo Selector

  • 海外取得規格一覧

    Overseas  Standards

  • よくある質問




  • 自動車
  • 給湯・温水・ガス機器
  • 家電製品
  • 厨房機器
  • 業務用機器
  • 住宅設備


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National Holiday information from 29th April to 5th May
We are going to close from 29th April to 5th May for national holiday.

Thank you for your understanding that our feedback will be delay.
Best Regards,
New year holiday Information
Dear All customers

We are closed during below period of time for new year holiday.

Head office: From December 29th 2021 to January 3th 2022
Yamagata factory: From December 29th 2021 to January 4th 2022

Thank you very much for your co-operation.
Business Trading Statement: COVID-19 Impact
To all our business paetners,

We hope this note finds you and your loved one healthy and well in current situation suffering from COVID-19 everywhere in the world.

Declaration of a state of Emergency for COVID-19 have been released in all areas in Japan now.
However we consider Second wave would be started soon so that most of our staff at our Tokyo Headquarters will keep to work mainly from home. According to this any of fax and telephone call to our headquarters might not be read or takes time to be forwarded to a person who need. We kindly ask you to be in contact with us via e-mail and understand that our feedback or shipping date confirmation and so on might be taken longer than normal due to above situation. We kindly ask your cooperation for smooth business procedure as not occurring sudden shipment change or sudden order cancellation/postpone especially in current difficult condition.

Both of our Japan and China factories are operating as usual at this moment.
We are able to continue to supply our products accordingly.

We kindly ask your kind understanding and cooperation to end COVID-19.
We hope our World will go back to normal life as soon as possible while being ONE TEAM to support each other with you.